Finally, Facebook has decided to do something good for business pages. Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen a huge decline in the way that Facebook has evolved for Pages. Most notably, users who run their business through Facebook Pages (as opposed to their personal profiles), have more than likely seen a decline in the number of views their posts receive. And now, unless you promote your post—aka pay Facebook to show your posts to your followers—then, you will likely only get about 5-10% of total views, which for some people only equates to about 15-30 people who may have viewed your posts.

For someone who has been running social media for businesses for several years now, I’ve been very disappointed and frustrated with the lack of support Facebook has shown for business pages.

So, What’s New with Facebook?

Regardless of my disappointment, I am excited to announce that they are now giving a boost to companies who run their business through Facebook. Earlier this week, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg introduced an update announcing two new sections for Pages—Facebook Shopping and Facebook Services—which will allow businesses to feature and sell their products or services directly from their Facebook Page.

Facebook Shopping Section

Services for Facebook PagesThe new “Shopping” section will allow retailers to showcase and sell their products direct from their Page. Prior to this launch, I’ve seen various third party apps that offered this, but Facebook finally got smart and developed a way for you to extend your online product sales direct from your Facebook page. More people are using Facebook as their homepage, so this is a smart way for Facebook to keep users on their website, versus navigating to another website to view products.

Facebook Services Section

Similar to the Shopping feature, the new “Services” section will allow service-based businesses to list a menu of professional services offered direct from their Facebook page.

These new sections are still in testing phase, but Facebook will open them up to the entire Facebook community in the next few weeks.


Other Additions for Facebook Pages

Facebook Send MessageIn addition to these new features, Facebook is making it easier for people to interact with businesses by launching a new set of call-to-action buttons. The new buttons will include “Call Now,” “Send Message” and “Contact Us.” These buttons are currently being redesigned so they appear more prominently at the top of business pages.

I was also excited to learn that Facebook will continue to add more sections for Pages and call-to-action options in the future as it ramps up features for businesses. They plan to extend the functionality to allow for a company’s Facebook Page to become more customized based on the type of business they are in.

In light of these new additions, I have developed a little more faith in Facebook Pages. Maybe we will see the trend move towards embracing Pages versus shunning them. Regardless, I plan to optimize my Pages for these new features, and I am excited to see how the transition unfolds.


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