We cannot deny the fact that social media is rapidly evolving. It has changed tremendously from when it first started. If you want to keep up with the changing times, as an entrepreneur, you need to make sure that your social media marketing strategies are not at a standstill.

If they are, you can never expect your techniques to be as effective as they could be. You will have to reassess your social media tactics and campaigns with every change in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

The question now is how can you develop better strategies that can keep up with the ever-changing social media trends? Here are three easy social media tips to help you out:

1. Use a Variety of Platforms

There are loads of social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc, etc, etc. You need to use all the available ones to your advantage. Confining yourself to only one platform, Facebook for example, is not a very good idea. You can target and reach a wider audience if you use other networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Also, you should realize that a single network, may eventually decide to modify their policies in a way that may greatly affect your online business. We’ve all seen it—Facebook has updated its platform so many times that business pages do not get the exposure they once did. You do not want to end up having only 2% of your target market see your social media posts, so you must learn how to diversify your social media tactics.

However, do keep in mind—the variety of social media platforms now is overwhelming. So, only select the few platforms that will be strongest for your industry and that you can effectively manage. Better yet, there are tools available, such as Hootsuite, to manage multiple platforms in one application.

2. 3-in-1 Power Play

Unlike before, online marketing strategies do not work independently. There are specific methods that you should use when optimizing your content or website. Like social media, content management also requires different techniques and methods.

Now, you can use SEO and content management as part of your social media marketing strategy. Doing so will help you build your brand, increase your online visibility and even improve your sales. It’s important that you combine your different marketing methods; for example, when you promote a blog post through email, also include a link to your social media pages or social media sharing buttons. Or, when you post your blog on social media, make sure you optimize the social media post with keywords and hashtags (#’s). This allows for follow-ups and a greater network.

3. Go Visual

Nobody wants to read a full block of text showing up on their newsfeed, which is why most social media posts almost always contain images. Because of the visual inclination of most consumers, Pinterest and video content have been proven to be very effective methods of advertising and marketing.

Find the right visual platform for your business and niche, then make sure that you incorporate some images when promoting your brand, product or services on social media networking sites.