There’s so much knowledge and information about how to succeed in internet marketing, and it’s all worth looking at but the truth of the matter is that it’s up to you to determine & stick to your own strategies for success. The key is to know what you want to achieve and to be consistent with your strategies to achieve it. Rome wasn’t built overnight, and neither was your online business. Take a look at this article and see what information you can use for success in your own internet marketing endeavors.

Email Marketing – Once you’ve gotten a customer to buy from you, you need to remind them to come back by sending out a regular email blast or newsletter. Customers have already shown interest in your store by buying from it. You should remind them about you often to ensure that they come back and potentially purchase again. You can also use this to tell them about new deals, new products and any other pertinent info for your buyers.

Online Advertising – Many small businesses can increase their revenue tremendously by taking their advertising campaigns online. Because more traditional venues of advertising are slowly becoming less profitable (i.e. newspapers & magazines are seeing declining subscriptions), small businesses that start advertising online are often able to reach a much more broad customer base and see an increase in profit.

Website Speed – To increase the success of your online marketing idea, avoid the most common mistake of having a slow-loading website. A fast load time is essential in maintaining the interest of your prospective customer. One way to help with the speed of your website, is to keep the size of your images under 100KB. To do this, make sure you save all images as “save for web”. This will decrease their size allowing your website to load faster.

Goals – To be an effective internet marketer (or a marketer of any kind), you must be clearly focused on your goals and have a strategic plan of action. If you are not focused, you will be easily distracted by sales pitches that promise you a quick way to get rich online. When you veer away from your planned course of action, you waste time and money. The key to achieving your specified goals is to be consistent with your approach. Give your strategy at least 3 months to determine whether it will work for you or not.

Double Opt-in – In order to make your email list stronger and more valuable, have a double opt-in or subscription method for email subscribers. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it prevents people from accidentally signing up to your emails, as well as having other people sign them up for something they are not interested in. Also, it will help decrease your unsubscribe rate, since you know these customers truly wanted to be on your list. This preventative measure can also protect you from spam laws, since the person has had to click to subscribe from their personal emails.

Online Competitors – Marketing your product online can be a cutthroat practice because of the intense competition, so in order to stay on top, you have to outshine your rivals. Begin by researching your competitors, their product(s) and their sales price. If possible, plan on selling your product at a lower cost. If you want to take it a step further, buy the product of your top competitor, if you know your product is equal to or greater than theirs. Post a comparison of the two products on your website, including your low price and your competitor’s higher price. Afterwards, continue to monitor your competition on a regular basis.

Keep It Simple – Remember the old adage “Keep it simple, stupid”? That adage is true for your email marketing tactics as well. Keep your design and layout simple. You don’t want a bunch of flash to distract or annoy your readers. You should keep the information simple as well. Don’t bury the important facts under a pile of junk. Nowadays, most people get loads of emails daily, so keeping it simple will help them skim your email for the important information versus just automatically deleting it.

Honesty is the Best Policy – Lastly, never adorn your sites or products with fake labels or statements just for marketing purposes. It’s easy to copy and paste pictures and symbols on your website, but do not begin to throw false labels on there, like “Made in America,” or “Trusted by so-and-so.” Be honest about your product or service and you will do just fine on the product’s merits, alone.

You now have a lot more information to use for the strategies that you want to implement with your internet marketing endeavors. Just be sure to remember that, not everything works for everyone and you must formulate your own unique strategy for success. Determine what your goals are and strategize based on what you hope to achieve. So, go over what you learned and see what works for you. It won’t be long before success should follow.