In case you haven’t had enough shopping or enough promotional incentives thrown at you during what’s been called the biggest shopping weekend of the year, there is one last chance to get your shop on or to promote your products to kickstart your holiday sales season. Cyber Monday—the first Monday after Thanksgiving that is promoted by online retailers for exceptional bargains—is your last chance to take part in this shopping extravaganza weekend. E-commerce websites offer amazing Cyber Monday deals that allow you to shop in the comfort of your own home.

Notoriously recognized for internet-based shopping only, Cyber Monday encourages shoppers to shop online with loads of incentives such as free shipping, 10%-80% off (sometimes 90%!) and tons of gifts with purchase. These incentives will usually encourage you to purchase the product via a retailer’s website versus physically going into the store to purchase. Additionally, Cyber Monday celebrates those merchants who are online only, who can’t take part in Black Friday promotions.

So, if you’re a retailer and you have an e-commerce store that allows consumers to buy your products via your website, then you should participate in Cyber Monday. And, if you don’t have a website that allows visitors to purchase your products, then you NEED to get on this ASAP. I suggest you make this your New Year’s resolution for your business. Having an online store could be the potential revenue-generator that you’ve been looking for to take your business to the next level—or at least to increase sales.

Online Retailers: How You Can Host a Cyber Monday Sale

Free Gifts with $XX

Consumers love freebies and if you encourage them to spend a certain amount with you, then you should give them a free gift! It’s a little bonus incentive that will keep them coming back for more. First, find a popular item that only costs you $5-10 wholesale, and then entice them to spend $50 or $100 respectively to get the free gift. In the end, this is only 10% of the sale and will be a nice bonus for them.

Gift with Purchase: Related Products

This promotion is similar to the free gift; however, this one encourages the consumer to buy specific items. For example, purchase a Leather Handbag for $XX and get this Keychain or these Leather Gloves free! This works well when you select similar items or items that complement each other—items that would make a nice gift. Again, make sure to pay attention to your wholesale cost and choose an item that isn’t more than 10%-20% of the retail price.

Additional % of all Sale Items

Take your standard sale to the next level and offer an additional 20% (or more) off your sale items. This will hopefully blow out your sale items—which you wanted to do anyways—and will entice the customer to buy more.

Add Promotional Offers to your Homepage

Your homepage is your prime real estate and it is the most visited page. So, don’t lose customers because they don’t know what you’re offering. Make sure you add some type of Cyber Monday promotion to your homepage to incentivize shoppers to stay on your website and shop around. If you can’t add all your promotions to your homepage, then create a page that includes all your promotions and add a link to that page on your homepage. Put this link closer to the top of your homepage “above the fold” so they don’t have to scroll down to see it.

Free Shipping

To encourage buyers to purchase with you versus visiting an actual store that might be in their neighborhood, offer Free Shipping on any purchase all day during Cyber Monday. Or, if you don’t want to give away your shipping, then you could offer Free Shipping if they spend $XX amount of dollars. For example, spend $50 and get free shipping. That way, you will up your average dollar amount per sale, and if they spend less, then they will still pay for shipping. However, if you can afford to pay for shipping for one day, then I suggest offering free shipping all day on that Monday only.

Related Products / Cross Sell

If you don’t have this integrated on your website already, then you should. Each item should have a set of “related products” that are similar in nature shown on the shopping page. This allows the customer to view other products that they may like in addition to the product they are viewing. Incorporate related products into your Cyber Monday plan, by promoting an incentive like “buy this product, and get any of these at XX% off.”

Add to Order / Upsell

This is another great tactic to include in your e-commerce store. When a customer finally visits their shopping cart or the checkout page, there should be another area under their order or in the sidebar that offers additional products similar to the ones in their shopping cart that they can “add to their order”. It’s kind of like saying, “would you like fries with that?” This is called the upsell. Make sure to include a few products that would make a great addition to their order to complete the sale.

Sidebar Promotions

A great call-to-action, especially for Cyber Monday, would be to include your promotions and incentives in the sidebar. This is generally where your shopping categories are displayed, but maybe you can add a few banner ads or blocks of text that remind shoppers of your special deals and discounts. The sidebar is also a great place to include related products, upsells and recently viewed items. Long story short, when visitors are scrolling down the page looking at other items or reading product descriptions, you have a prime area on the side to include upsell incentives. I suggest you use it.

Email Alerts

Last but not least, use your email list. I cannot express this enough. There is a reason your customers give you their email address. It’s so you can announce things like Cyber Monday specials to them. Send them a sneak peek with your Cyber Monday specials and they’ll get to see it and shop it first. Start promoting your Cyber Monday specials early enough so they can plan to shop during this time. And, don’t forget to email them again either the day before, the day of, or both! Email is still king so make sure you are making regular email announcements.